Custom Application Development

Our founders commenced designing innovative software solutions for the personal computer in 1981 and we proudly continue this tradition. Where pre-packaged software solutions don't fit your business processes we can design and implement a custom application solution tailored to meet your business requirements. We can work with you to create a solution that automates, measures, monitors, controls and tunes your business processes.

D.R.A. Computing specialises in electronic business and software solutions. We unify software applications, IT infrastructure, communications & security, business processes and organisational structure to create a high performance business model, which will ensure your business runs smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Agile Development Solutions

Using proven methodologies and the Microsoft® Solutions Framework, DRA can engage in an adaptive and interactive application development approach. Rather than delivering an application all at once, DRA will build an application increment by increment. This results in objective and demonstrable measures of progress. It provides the opportunity to release a higher return on investment (ROI). It allows development to proceed according to business priorities, and it facilitates an adaptive approach in which DRA can respond to your changing business conditions.

DRA knows that business requirements will adapt and change not only over the life of the solution, but even before the solution can be released. We believe an agile approach is the only way to go.

Enterprise Portal Solutions

The potential of portals in modern business is extraordinary. Portals can provide the foundation for customer self service, project collaboration, document management, news distribution and for creating communities of interest in which like-minded people can exchange and share information.

DRA knows that creating successful intranets, extranets and internet portals is much more than the technology. It involves understanding your people, your business and your information assets, and designing a solution which embraces all these aspects. Additionally, DRA understands that successful portals will evolve and encompass greater and greater business functionality, over time. For this reason the approach must be visionary and strategic.

Workflow Solutions

Workflow Solutions truly enable businesses to perform at a new level. Using a workflow solution, best practice can be captured and made repeatable; repetitive work steps can be automated; and work items can be tracked clearly from start to finish. If a work item is delayed anywhere along the process, you can be alerted before it becomes a critical issue to your customers or business.

Any business process which involves multiple knowledge workers or touches multiple business systems can significantly benefit from a workflow solution. DRA knows that harnessing the potential of workflow involves many facets of your business, such as your business processes, your business systems, and your people. DRA has the experience to design, configure and deploy workflow solutions that embody your business processes while retaining flexibility; that integrate seamlessly with your existing front and back office systems; and that automate repetitive processes.

Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a holistic approach to dealing with customers, which includes policies & processes, front-of-house customer service, employee training, marketing, and information management. CRM allows the four business areas of Account Management, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service to share data on prospects, customers, partners, competitors and employees.

By taking advantage of tight integration with Microsoft Office, an easy to use interface and the ability to extend and tailor additional functionality; organisations can empower their employees to create longer lasting relationships with their customers.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Business intelligence is used to improve the timeliness and quality of information, and enable executives & managers to better understand the position of their firm, in comparison to its competitors and other business units.

Business Intelligence can provide organisations with the data needed to track operations against key performance indicators (KPI) helping to monitor efficiency of projects and employees against operational targets.